I Am Entertainment Magazine Review of BOLD

NUA's latest 14 track release, BOLD, is an amazing Folk/Celtic release that makes a
strong bid for instrumental album of the year. I don't get excited that often about
non-vocal albums, but BOLD is definitely something worth getting a bit pumped up about.
James M Law (fiddle), Graeme McGillivray (guitar), and Jacob McCauley (bodhran) bring
together their masterful music skills to create some of the most amazing compositions I've
heard so far this year. Their talents far exceed that of most of the 350+ independent
bands sending me music each month for review consideration. This is why my ears
perked up when I first heard them.

BOLD is the perfect name for NUA's project because, it is very strong and unique in that I
have not heard an album like this. It can be both rewarding and challenging to be the
only one in your "lane" because, on one hand you sometimes reap the benefits of being
the first to do it, but on the other hand you have to work extra hard to reach an audience
and get their ears tuned to what you're doing. Yet, it is my belief that NUA won't struggle
too hard to get an audience to like them because tracks like: Fizzbuzz, Happy Cammy
Drammy Birthday, Driving Song, and The Dark Road all work to make a strong case for
this Toronto trio.

Overall, NUA is a "Grade A" trio of musicians whose talents are superior, and their BOLD
release is powerful. If you're looking for something that goes beyond the cliche sounds of
today's mainstream Top 40 music, then you should definitely check these guys out. I'd
also like to encourage you (the reader) to support this band by visiting their Bandcamp
page at http://trionua.bandcamp.com and purchasing this album.