Album Review - BOLD - The Celtic Crier

NUA is a trio of men out of Toronto, Canada. Their CD, "Bold", is a testimony to the remarkable talent they share. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this 14 track album is all instrumental.

The first three times I listened to "Bold" I was mezmerized and could not think of anything to write. This CD is so captivating, so full
of life and imagination. With every beat I wondered what the writer
was thinking...what was in his heart and in his head.

My favorite track is "Peter and Michelles". It is a bit slower and perhaps darker than the rest of the CD. I literally felt as if I weresitting in an old Irish smoke-filled pub surrounded by friends and raising pints as stories of old were being told.

If you need to escape after a long day, believe me when I say NUA and "Bold" will take you on some memorable excursions!!!